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SEK 0 for private individuals.

Swish – FAQs

  1. Swish limit – how much money can I swish?

    For anyone 18 years of age or older, your Swish limit is automatically set at SEK 3,000 every seven days. 

    Change limit

    You can change your limit up to SEK 15,000 per week. This is done via the internet bank or via the app under “Other services” – “Swish”.

    Add a temporary limit

    You can add a temporary limit of up to SEK 150,000 that is valid for 24 hours. This is done via the internet bank or via the app under “Other services” – “Swish”.

  2. New mobile phone – what to do with Swish

    If you keep the same mobile number, you simply need to download and activate the Swish app on your new mobile phone. If you have changed your mobile number, you first need to cancel the service via the internet bank and connect the service to your new mobile number.

  3. Can I connect someone else’s mobile number, such as my parents or my employer?

    Yes, you can.

  4. Can I connect to Swish via multiple banks?

    Yes, you can connect to Swish via multiple banks, but you will need to have different mobile numbers. Only one mobile number may be connected to a bank account.

  5. I have a foreign mobile number. Can I connect it to Swish?

    Yes, you can.

  6. Is it secure to use Swish?

    Yes, Swish is as secure as the Internet bank and app. From activating the service to send and receiving money, you can rest assured that your transactions are completely secure. Your mobile number is connected to a bank account and can only be connected to an account at one bank. Each payment and login is approved using your Mobile BankID, which shows the name of the recipient of the payment prior to approval.