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The private app

With our app you can manage your economy when and where you want. You can get help getting started here.

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To log in to our app, you need to digitally identify yourself, for example with a Mobile BankID.

How to get a Mobile BankID

Appen i mobiltelefon

How to change language in the app

Language setting in your mobile device
Language in the app
Swedish as main language Swedish
English as main language English
Other language than Swedish or English as main language English
Other language as main language, but Swedish before English in the list of other languages Swedish
English as main language, but Swedish as second language English

Services in the app

Close card for internet purchases

In the app you can close your card for internet purchases. Of course, you can also open the card again.

Quick Balance by shaking

Did you know that you can check your balance without logging in? Very convenient when you are in a store, about to pay, and wonder if there is enough money on your account.

Pay your invoices

Pay your invoice by filling in the data manually or by scanning the invoice with the camera in your mobile device.

Guldmynt i hög

Borrow money for whatever you want

Renovate the kitchen, travel to the sun, get rid of expensive credits ... With us, you can borrow up to SEK 500,000 for whatever you want. Apply for a private loan in the app and get notified immediately.

Cancel and change subscriptions

Electricity, broadband, streaming services ... Are you paying too much? With a few clicks you can cancel, change or start new subscriptions.

Open and save in an ISK

Do you want to trade funds, equities and other securities, but avoid the hassle of declaring each and every sale? Open an ISK, that is, an Investment Savings Account!

Pay quickly with Swish

With the Swish app you can quickly and safely send and receive money via your mobile number, which is connected to your bank account.

Do you need help?

Give us a call and we will help you!