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About Sparbanken Sjuhärad

Sparbanken Sjuhärad

Sparbanken Sjuhärad is the second largest independent savings bank in Sweden with approximately 160 employees.

Our business area consists of the municipalities Borås, Bollebygd, Mark och Svenljunga, where the bank has a very strong position on both the private and corporate market.

Our history in brief

We have helped our customers save and borrow for a better future for since 1831. The world has changed and we with it. However, the need for a responsible bank is just as great today as it was at the beginning of the 19th Century.

Corporate sustainability

As a financial institution, Sparbanken Sjuhärad must behave responsibly and ethically to maintain the long-term confidence of the market and other parts of society. The bank is regularly reviewed by analysts specializing in the ethical perspective for the purposes of “Socially Responsible Investments”.

Community involvement

We are engaged in social issues that concern, among other things, education, youth unemployment and startup companies. Positive development within these areas is important for societal development and thus the business of the bank.

Environmental sustainability

Sparbanken Sjuhärad is trying to reduce climate impact. We do this, for example, through the selection of technical equipment for our offices, but also by attempting to exert influence on our partners and customers.

Human rights

We take human rights into account in our investments and our granting of credit. Our customers’ fund capital is administered with strict sustainability criteria.